Our pricing consists of a one-time setup and configuration fee, an annual subscription fee, and a training fee.

Setup and configuration

The one-time setup and configuration covers:

  • DevResults Baseline Assessment
  • Unlimited support on DevResults concepts and data management practices
  • Unlimited help with organizing your information and building your site
  • Unlimited testing and revisions of your training site before system launch
Program Sizeup to $5 millionup to $25 millionup to $50 millionup to $100 millionup to $250 millionover $250 million
Setup & Configuration$33,800$57,000$80,200$103,400$126,600Let's talk.


Customers also pay a subscription fee, which covers:

  • Unlimited user licenses (including your partners, funders, subs, etc.)
  • Hosting and maintenance of the application
  • Unlimited storage for data, documents, and photos
  • Ongoing technical and implementation support
  • Automatic software upgrades
Program Sizeup to $5 millionup to $25 millionup to $50 millionup to $100 millionup to $250 millionover $250 million
Monthly Subscription$2,800/month$4,900/month$7,000/month$9,100/month$11,200/month Let's talk.
Annual Subscription$28,000/year$49,000/year$70,000/year$91,000/year$112,000/year


We offer two training options:

  • DC-based training: $5,000
  • Field-based training: $15,000

Pricing questions

What about writing DevResults into proposals? Can you help us out?

Absolutely. We’re happy to provide documentation, screenshots, and even support integrating DevResults into your technical narrative. Just email Aasit to get that started.

Do we pay both the setup/configuration fee and subscription fee in the first year?

Yes. For instance, if you’re managing a project with total budget of ~$20,000,000, you would fall into the second pricing tier. This means you would pay a one-time setup/config fee of $48,600 and an annual subscription fee of $42,000, for a total first year cost of $90,600. If you require training in the field, we offer on-site training at a flat rate of $15,000/week. That’s it. There are no variable or hidden fees.

What if we are interested in using DevResults on more than one project, or for the entire organization?

Great. The above pricing is for a single site (either one project or one organization). If you’re interested in rolling out DevResults to more than one project, or exploring an enterprise implementation, we will work with you to lay out an implementation plan that transfers capacity to your organization, positions the organization for scaling DevResults, and defines a simple pricing model.